Sinhala Tamil New Year

As an International School, we believe in resolutely upholding, preserving and making sure of the continuity of our age long folklores. The festivity commences with the characteristic, domiciliary rituals of both the Sinhalese and Tamil communities, in an attempt to demonstrate the ongoing conventions and to create awareness of traditional cultural practices, to our students. Religious as well as recreational practices are celebrated during such celebrations and it comes to an amiable finale with customary, New Year food and drink, class parties.

Vesak Festival

Vesak is a colorful and an illustrious occasion celebrated by all our students. Students’ creativity is driven to inexhaustible boundaries. Pupils are not only emboldened to make their own lanterns, but design and execute the electrical circuits for the Pandols. Students are, further, empowered to make lanterns and decorate impoverished schools in the vicinity, as well as, lodge a ‘Dan Sal’ as an exercise to practice the attribute of giving that is associated with Vesak.

Ramadan Celebration

Ramadan is held annually at the school in a keen endeavor to keep students informed of the importance of this festival in terms of its spiritual and moral significance. Students perform a drama recite verses from the Koran giving categorical explanations to their connotations and magnitudes. Ramadan festival comes to a pleasant conclusion with traditional food and drink being served at the class parties. Students, during the period of Ramadan, are, vehemently, encouraged to take part in hands-on, social service projects, visiting orphanages and homes for the aged and taking part, actively, in doing service to mankind.

Nava Ratri

Nava Ratri at the school is feted, every year, to pay homage and extend reverence to the three Hindu Goddesses. Legendary cultural and religious practices are carried out with precision. Rituals are brought to a finale with a mythological song and dance enlightening, effusively, the significance of Nava Ratri. Pongal rice, which is archetypal of the ceremony, is also distributed to our students in an effort to give them an overall taste of the festivity and bring Nava Ratri to an appetizing conclusion.


The magnitude of Christmas, at Oasis International School, is brought out, yearly, through a momentous theatrical production of valuable moral significance, old-fashioned nativity play and time-honored Christmas carols. Classrooms are festooned with conventional Christmas trimmings and allegorical Christmas trees. Christmas ends with a historic class party of customary Christmas titbits and a call in by age-old Santa Claus.