Elementary Section

The Elementary Section of the Oasis International School covers the Play group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and grades one and two. These curricula help to lay the foundation to educate and prepare children, fully, both in academic subject matters that conform with International, explicitly, British standards of education and moral values aiding them to be confident, far thinking and distinctive individuals. Students in the Elementary Section are groomed, steadily, from the very beginning, to acclimatize to benchmarks that are set by the Cambridge Board of Education, in order to cope with the more advanced studies they will confront in the Primary Section of the school, explicitly, grade three and upwards.

Immense and painstaking care is taken in the choice of the trainer, namely the teacher, as well as, the material provided for teaching the kids to ensure systematic and in-depth development of their knowledge. Education is not limited merely to academics, nonetheless, attention is paid to cultivating and encouraging good behavior, ethical and social values of sharing and caring as well as recognizing and fostering inborn talents of children.

Teachers of the Elementary Section work conscientiously, as a team to support the child’s learning and development in what we regard as, six, imperative areas.

Personal and Social Development
Language (Literacy)
Science and Technology, Computing
Health and Physical Activity : Swimming, Physical Exercise, Cricket, Football, Karate, Athletics
The Fine Arts and Performing Arts : Singing, Dancing. Art : Handwork, Painting

Children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their child’s learning by providing encouragement and by expressing interest in their child’s education.

Participating in parent conferences, talking to their child about life at school, and reading with their child are some noteworthy ways in which we encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s education.

Educators in the Elementary Section have experience and qualifications relevant to their specific field of teaching. Qualifications include: Diploma in Teacher Education, Diploma in Computer Studies, Diploma in ICT, Diploma in English, Diploma in Child Psychology.

Supportive Classes and Supplementary Tuition in the Elementary Section

Oasis International School takes a profound interest in perfecting and furthering academic criterions. Persistent, unceasing and uncompromising leaps are taken for progress in education that the school takes pride in advancing to its students. Supportive classes are organized by our keen team of teachers in an endeavor to insistently better every child’s education, in all his or her subject matter. Supportive Classes and Complementary Tuition is arranged at the discretion of teachers, during after school hours and may take place during weekends and school holidays as well. Care is taken to make sure that the Supplementary Tuition arranged by teachers do not coincide with the Extra-Curricular activities that are offered, after school.