Primary Section

The Primary Section, at Oasis International School, includes grades three, four and five. The Primary Section is a steady progression from the Elementary Section. The academic specifications, in the Primary Section, sturdily conform to British standards of education and criterions set by the Cambridge Board of Education.

Students complete their Elementary education at the end of Grade two and then advance to the Primary Section of the school. Students are incessantly directed with care, in this section, in preparation for the demanding curriculums at hand in higher grades, keeping in mind, however, their young age. The curriculums, as result, are entertaining, imbued with numerous activities like sport, swimming, art, handwork, dancing, singing, music and elocution. Teachers strive to develop personal and social dexterities while vehemently instructing students in Language: Sinhala or Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science and Religion.

We make enormous efforts to develop and nurture self-confidence, assertiveness and conviction in our children in the Primary section. We encourage are pupils, therefore, to take part, at competitive levels, in inter-house sports and swimming meets, external art, dancing and music competitions, as well as, speech and drama examinations.

Parents are repeatedly encouraged to work very closely with all teachers in the Primary Section, even at this stage, in the child’s education. The dynamic responsibility of parents in actively partaking in the day to day life of their child; leading, guiding and supporting young students, is regarded as imperative, in the early stages of their education.

The Primary Section tutors are experienced to teach young children and have credentials which include: Diploma in ICT, Diploma in Computer Studies, Diploma in English and Teaching and Education, Diploma in English, Diploma in Child Psychology.

Supportive Classes and Supplementary Tuition in the Primary Section

Oasis International School takes a profound interest in perfecting and furthering academic criterions. Persistent, unceasing and uncompromising leaps are taken for progress in education that the school takes pride in advancing to its students. Supportive classes are organized by our keen team of teachers in an endeavor to insistently better every child’s education, in all his or her subject matter. Supportive Classes and Complementary Tuition is arranged at the discretion of teachers, during after school hours and may take place during weekends and school holidays as well. Care is taken to make sure that the Supplementary Tuition arranged by teachers do not coincide with the Extra-Curricular activities that are offered, after school.